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Whether technical, advertising or legal we guarantee

punctual delivery of translations of impeccable quality,
done by specialized German speakers, in any desired format!

With our reliable, brand quality fast turnaround!

Efficient, high-quality translation of technical communications,
technical documents and product communications.

We offer translation services covering all areas of business activity!

From an instruction manual to large multilingual projects, catalogues,
website content, IT-applications, advertising contents, and other more.

Complaints and Quality Assurance

A possible complaint on the part of a customer, giving detailed reasons for his criticism, may be a valuable marker, pointing out in which respects the quality of our translation services may be flawed. Whosoever states that translations always work out ‘smoothly‘, probably doesn’t have sufficient experience as yet with regard to the complexity of translations and possible customer reactions. We provide immediate feedback and thank our customers for their suggestions, openness, and constructive advice. We understand the translation process as a cooperative service, in the course of which we are happy to receive suggestions on the part of customers, trying to realize the same for their benefit.

Supporting you when you need us most!

Do you already have a service for emergency translations?
Do you still need an urgent translation today, or by tomorrow morning?
We can provide emergency German translation services on an express requirement. We also offer crisis translation services.

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Speed, flexibility, and work of impeccable quality: This is the service we provide!

We work on weekends and holidays.
Our service is tailored to your individual requirements!

From patents to ISO norms, with our reliable brand quality!

Our expertise lies in the areas of German translation, localisation and globalisation of English texts, in any technical field and a wide range of file formats: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Wordperfect, RTF, HTML, PDF, EPS and other more.

Urgent, express translations in German language

Our expertise focuses on urgent translations in sizeable volumes,
complex topics and high-quality formats.

We work with specialists in the most varied industry-specific fields, e.g.:.

Technical documentation ✓ Information technology ✓ Sales documentation ✓ Machine and plant engineering Construction technology ✓ Automotive engineering ✓ Automation Marketing ✓ Brochures ✓ Data sheets ✓ Assembly instructions ✓ Catalogues ✓ Training documents Databases ✓ IT ✓ QS quality and safety ✓ CAD/ CAM ✓ Chemical analysis ✓ Insurance ✓ Audio transcriptions ✓ General correspondence ✓ and other more.

Effective and accurate translations and Terminology management

On request, we create a customised database with your company terminology, which we can use and update by organizing new terms; this ensures the correct use of terminology during every translation assignment.

Localisation (sometimes shortened to "l10n") is a hot topic in the translation industry!

We use tools as: Translation Memories Trados ® SDL ✓ Quality control tools like Trados ® SDL Passolo ® Editing Systems ✓ Content Management (CMS)

Our translation editing tools for for effective page layout DTP, graphic design, placement and control of text, graphics and varied file formats.

Microsoft Office (2000-2003, 2007-2013) ✓ OpenOffice ✓ Tab Delimited ✓ HTML ✓ XML ✓ Adobe FrameMaker 8.0/9.0 ✓ Adobe InDesign ✓ Markup Language (IDML) ✓ InCopy Markup Language (ICML) PDF ✓ XLIFF ✓ Docbook and W3C ITS ✓ Adobe Acrobat Professional ✓ PageMaker ✓ InDesign ✓ QuarkXPress ✓ Freehand Dreamweaver ✓ Adobe Illustrator ✓ CorelDraw ✓ Photoshop ✓ Graphics software

Translation service to brands from the following industries:

Agriculture, forestry, fishing ✓ Automotive ✓ Bicycle ✓ Consortia & organizations ✓ Construction & construction materials ✓ Education ✓ Energy & chemical ✓ Farmaceuticals & life sciences ✓ Fashion & Personal Care ✓ Financial services & insurance companies ✓ Food & Beverage ✓ Government & public services ✓ Industrial products & services ✓ Logistics & Mail ✓ Media ✓ Music ✓ Non profit organisations ✓ Personal and household appliances ✓ Petfood & Care ✓ Professional services ✓ Real Estate ✓ Retail ✓ Sports, Leisure & travel ✓ Technology - General ✓ Telecom and IT ✓ Tire & Rubber ✓ Tobacco industry ✓ Toys industry

Affordable prices!

Our translation rates are calculated using a basic rate, which depends on:

The desired language combination, technical field of expertise, project size and delivery deadline. We prefer to quote our prices per word or per line of the source language.

Discounts available for larger orders!

Prices generally quoted in EUR, but you can ask us for a quote in GBP, USD. We have a minimum order price. Furthermore, where regular collaborations are concerned, we offer attractive rebates depending on the annual volume.

You can contact us any time!

By phone and per email at any time, should you wish to clarify any general or specific queries regarding our services.

Your documents are in safe hands with us!

All texts and information are treated with strict confidentiality. We honour our obligation not to disclose any information revealed to us in the course of our activities. If desired, we can provide you with a signed confidentiality agreement.

All-Inclusive Desktop publishing DTP Service

We provide you with an all-inclusive DTP-service.

We use the appropriate tools for precise embedding and carry out any further processing
of graphics, drawings, photos or screenshots as needed.

Localisation of your internet presence

web development

Professional translation and localisation of your internet presence thanks
to Content Management (CMS) editing systems such as Typo3 and Contenido ®

Software localisation

When you localize your software you open new markets by making offers software in german language.

Translate your strings and/or string resources in Java, HTML, ASP, PHP, XML, Visual Basic, Databases, HTML Help
thanks to SDL Passolo ® Translator application used for translating software strings.

The all-in-one translation service

SEO localisation to all brand industries.

Document Translation ✓ Advertising Translation ✓ Financial Translation ✓ Legal Translation ✓ Technical Translation ✓ Translation for Training ✓ Website Translation ✓ Desktop Publishing ✓ Translation ✓ Public Sector Translation

Trusted by more than 5,000 projects.
Specialised team of highly qualified german translators.

English to German Translation Services to all sectors

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